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Working for Good

It's been over a month since my last Weekly Encouragement email. I'm sorry! Life has just been crazy. Between the move/renovation, my job, homeschool starting, and the Awaken Women's Conference, along with the day-to-day, I haven't had much time to sit down. But I'm back and here we are! Hi again, friend! Thanks for being patient with me.

We're in another week, which means more time to reflect, and more time to sit with God. A couple of weeks ago, I was outside painting our chicken coop, when I noticed a set of stepping stones. They're misshapen, worn down, and various sizes. But as I looked at them, I couldn't stop thinking about the stepping stones of life.

We take one step forward, which is never a direct step forward. It’s either shifted slightly to the left or right.

This is where I want to go, yet this is where I am. The path is never a straight, easy line. In order to get where we want to go, we need to take the appropriate stepping stone.

Yet, sometimes we fall off the path.

Sometimes we see something that takes us off the path and distracts us.

And sometimes it feels like we are headed in the wrong direction, when in reality, we’re not. It’s just the path we’re on.

"Physical stepping stones around a home are used to create safe paths" according to Outdoor & General. But the stepping stones of life aren’t much different. The paths we're on have purpose. If we went from A to Z overnight, there’d never be any appreciation when we arrive at our final destination. We’d never be able to look around at the blessings we have and say, "Wow, what an amazing journey. I’m so grateful." If it were easy, we'd never stop to appreciate and offer thanks. We'd just buzz right on by to the next thing.

I’ve had to take the long way around for many things, but where I’m standing now, I’m so incredibly grateful for God and all of His might. I'm grateful that He chose to show up when I couldn't get out of bed because of grief. I'm grateful that He's building me to be more like Him daily. I'm grateful for the good and the challenging parts of motherhood and marriage, because it's all working for good. Romans 8:28 reads, "We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose." From reading this, we can understand that those long periods of waiting, the doors that slam in our faces and feel downright defeating, the callus' on our hands from working tirelessly are all working for our GOOD. Easy would be nice at times, but working for it is so much more rewarding.

Are you spinning your wheels, unsure of where your next stepping stone is, losing hope, feeling downright exhausted, and lost? That's OK. First, chances are, you're not on the wrong path. God is using this to grow you, and growth can be uncomfortable at times. Second, if you are, it's not too late to redirect. Psalm 119:105 reads, “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.” What a reminder that regardless of whether we’re on the path or off, God’s Word, His Wisdom, His plan for us is so close by. It’s a simple choice to open our Bible (whether physical or a Bible App) to hear from the One who created us, created the path we’re on, and offers the freedom through Christ Jesus to understand that our circumstances do not define the love The Father has for us.

You are loved, my sweet friend! Your circumstances do not define you or your future. God does. You're not lost, He's right there with you, and we have Hope in Jesus. Rest in that this week. ❤️

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