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There's Room for You...

Have you ever felt unwelcome by Christians or “church people”? To some degree, I believe that a lot of people carry what we know as “church hurt.” After all, hurt people hurt people, right? 

Though I didn’t come here today to get the specifics of each story. I’ve seen and experienced enough to know that it happens. Whether it’s based on different beliefs or views, I can think of a handful of people or more who don’t walk with Jesus because of the hurt from other humans they’ve experienced. 

When I was reading Matthew 8 the other day, I was reminded so much about the hurt we cause each other, sometimes intentionally, but I think mostly unintentionally due to our fear. There’s a story of a man who had a serious skin disease. Because of that, he was cast to the outskirts of society, which often led to a life of hurt and loneliness. 

Jesus had just finished preaching and was coming down from the mountain, when “...a man with a serious skin disease came up and knelt before Him, saying, ‘Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.’

Reaching out His hand He touched him saying, ‘I am willing; be made clean.’ Immediately his disease was healed” (Matthew 8:2-3). 

Looking at the story, this man was considered an outcast to society. Maybe you feel like an outcast in society, your family, or church. Maybe the feelings you’re carrying keep you at a distance from God. Maybe the people who were supposed to love you, help you, and encourage you have done nothing but cause you hurt. However you may feel though, look at the man mentioned here. He didn’t let that hurt or his physical hurt keep him from coming before Jesus. Rather, he approached Him, and He humbly knelt, asking for help – for healing. 

In response, Jesus didn’t shudder at his skin disease. He didn’t look upon him in disgust, and he definitely didn’t keep walking, avoiding the man all together like society had. Instead, Jesus stopped, and He reached out His hand and TOUCHED the man. He didn’t hesitate wondering if He too would contract the skin disease or be contaminated. 

What a bold move, but what’s even bolder is that He does that with all of us. He isn’t afraid of us or of our sin. He’s not afraid of the labels we’ve been given by society. He’s far more concerned with our hearts. We just have to humbly approach Him as the man in this story did. 

My friends, wherever you are today with the church, Christianity, or your faith walk, please know that Jesus is so much kinder than the way we treat each other. His love far outstretches our understanding and definition of love. Regardless of what you’ve done or been judged for here by human standards, know that you are so incredibly loved. I am praying for you today; praying that you can find your space at the feet of Jesus too, because there’s room here for all of us. 

Have a great weekend, friends!

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