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Detour Ahead

It feels like everywhere I turn there are orange construction cones and signs that read slow down, modified speed limit, or detour. A main route that I take daily is now closed, and in order to get to where I am going, I have to take an unpaved, gravel road, which is messy! Though annoying at times (because I’m usually running late), taking the long route has shown me the benefits of slowing down, taking in new surroundings, observing nature, and following signs or my GPS blindly.

It reminds me of all the detours throughout life I’ve had to take to get where I currently am. Our latest detour included bidding on 14 different houses, and not “winning” until we got to the 14th. It felt endless, but I knew God had a plan even though I couldn’t see the whole map. Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on a permanent detour? If so, here are a few verses that have helped point me in the right direction.

There’s so much hope throughout Scripture, so if you’re feeling lost, lean into the Word of God and let Him guide your feet along the path you’re currently on.

Have a nice week ahead, friends! Praying for clear detour signs for us all this week!

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