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From the Hope Writer's January Writing Challenge: Possibility.


Wherever you are today, you won’t be there tomorrow. Life just comes crashing in day by day, pushing in new and pulling out the old. Sometimes that’s a good thing, especially in times of ugly and hard. But more often than not, I’d love to just go back and watch from an outsider’s perspective - a fly on the wall per se.

I’d watch myself hugging my parents goodbye right before they drove away from my college.

I’d go back and watch my relationship with Chris unfold just to see the excitement I had as I drove to pick him up from the airport.

I’d watch Darryl and Judy round the corner of Later Alligator on a cold March night, as we surprised them with our relationship.

I’d watch my grandmother sitting on the beach, the day after our wedding, taking in the vast ocean and some of our very favorite people.

I’d watch us sing “You are my Sunshine” to Carson before we said our last goodbye.

I’d watch us meeting Mia Grace for the first time.

I’d watch Chris, holding my hand and encouraging each push, as human beings entered the world and gasped their first God-given breath of life.

I’d watch my friendships - the real ones - ebb and flow as each life change modifies the shoreline of me.

I’d watch so much more.

I’d tell myself: You are strong. You can do this. Push harder where you need to, but let go of what you can. Opinions of you, mean nothing: They’ll never like you. Let go and free yourself from the chains of oppression. Jesus already handled that. I’d say breathe in and move forward because the waves are still crashing - bringing in new and taking out old - and that brings possibility. It brings life. Watch it all unfold right here - right now - and bask in it

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