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A few months ago, the local fire department near my parents house demolished a house using fire. While they were doing this, they did “training” to help them navigate a real house fire. In the weeks that passed, I drove past the site pretty regularly, and I was surprised to see smoke rising from the ground. Under the surface, the fire was still smoldering. 

During that time, we had some of the coldest days and deepest snow we’ve had this season. When the roads finally cleared, and I drove by again, and I was shocked to see the smoke still rising. One day, almost five weeks later, I drove by and the smoke was gone. The fire had gone out. 

I’m not going to lie, I was a little sad to see this “experiment” of mine come to an end. But, how quickly I realized that when we let our faith “smolder” on its own and we don’t actually tend to it, it dims and risks the chances of it actually going out. 

Through watching the smoke rise from the surface where something once was, I was reminded to not let my faith smolder and risk the chances of it eventually going out. 

Since then, several questions have come to mind: 

  • How often do I choose TV over listening to a book or podcast that will help reignite my faith? 

  • How often do I skip out on the things that would help me grow to instead stay home to relax or even more so get things done (the list is never ending, right?)?

  • Why is my natural desire geared towards easy and pleasurable things – entertainment, baking, reading or listening to a good novel – rather than the stuff that is hard, yet so edifying? 

In the weeks that have passed, every time I drive past the house that once was, I am reminded to continue stirring my faith, adding to it, so it doesn't smolder. When we let our faith dim, it's flirting with not if it goes out, but when it goes out. 

I’m reminded of the story Jesus told of the ten virgins (or bridesmaids depending on which version of Bible you read) in Matthew 25. 

“Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten bridesmaids who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and five were wise. The five who were foolish didn’t take enough olive oil for their lamps, but the other five were wise enough to take along extra oil. When the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and fell asleep. ‘At midnight they were roused by the shout, ‘Look, the bridegroom is coming! Come out and meet him!’ ‘All the bridesmaids got up and prepared their lamps. Then the five foolish ones asked the others, ‘Please give us some of your oil because our lamps are going out.’ ‘But the others replied, ‘We don’t have enough for all of us. Go to a shop and buy some for yourselves.’ ‘But while they were gone to buy oil, the bridegroom came. Then those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast, and the door was locked. Later, when the other five bridesmaids returned, they stood outside, calling, ‘Lord! Lord! Open the door for us!’ “But he called back, ‘Believe me, I don’t know you!’ 'So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return” (‭‭Matthew‬ ‭25‬:‭1‬-‭13‬ ‭NLT‬‬).

Friends, as believers in Christ, we do not want our faith to be considered deficient when He does return. Rather, we must continue to burn for Him, awaiting His return with expectancy and preparedness. That means we do not have time to let our faith smolder. Instead, we should be like the firefighters who took the opportunity to practice for a real fire using the house above as a real simulation. We, too, can practice awaiting Jesus' return with expectancy. With that said, I want to encourage us to lean into maintaining the flame of our faith this week. If your faith has been smoldering, open your Bible, listen to a Christian podcast or sermon, gather with Christian friends, pray, or find a good book that is centered around Christ to help ignite that flame again. If you need any recommendations or have specific prayer requests, please reach out!

Have a great week, friends!

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